A Little About Me

Hi!  My name is Crystal and I am so glad that you stopped by to see me.  Let’s sit awhile and I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a mother to two wonderful boys, they amaze me every day as they figure out who and what they are.


Our oldest Son


Our Youngest Son

I am a wife to a man that I have known since I was eighteen years old.  We met while serving in the Army and married a few years later in 1994.  When our oldest was getting ready to start kindergarten we made the decision it was more important for me to see him through that, so I left the Army.  Our second son was born a few years later and that rounded us out.  My husband continued to serve and retired in 2004.



We live in the Texas where if you stand at the right spot and look west you see New Mexico, look East there is Texas, look South and you see our neighbors in Mexico. We would not change it for anything, except when the days hit over one hundred.  I work outside of the home and pick up my hobbies on the weekends and evenings when the urge hits.  It’s funny how things work out because I can tell you that six years ago I never would have thought about getting involved with my hobbies let alone starting a blog.  I was first bitten by the photography bug in January 2012.  We decided to start vacationing on a more regular basis since the boys were much older and I did not want take any trip and not have record of where we had been.  Of course photography led to a scrapbooking course at a big box store in my city, which migrated into card making.  I will tell the truth I have only done maybe three scrapbooking pages even though I have hundreds of photos just sitting on my computer.

This blog will be a place for me to share a little of who we are, my love of photography, and my fails and successes in cardmaking.

Hope you will come back and visit again soon.